1. Do you perform the services offsite?
Of course! I love getting to know new places, areas and countries. I go to where you get ready with a minimum of 3 makeup services and an extra cost for travel depending on the destination. Ask about our rates and check prices in your location on our quote or contact us.
2. How long in advance should I book my makeup service?
It is recommended as soon as possible, if you can reserve your service without having to worry about availability. To check availability you can send a request here.
3. Can you do my bridemaids and guets makeup , do you offer makeup packages?
Yes! I can do a maximum of 7 people depending on the time they have to get ready. If time is short, you can hire a makeup artist from my team who is available, you can request this by sending your request through the contact box.

4. Can we meet before the makeup trial date you suggest?
It will be a pleasure to meet you! You can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me, where I will tell you what the makeup trial consists of, the makeup for your event, get to know each other and answer all your questions. To schedule you can do it here.
5. How long in advance should I do my makeup trial?
I advice to do it when you have scheduled your event and when you have chosen your dress. These are important details to be able to design the ideal makeup for you.
6. Do you offer hairstyles?
My team includes stylists who can help you create the hairstyle you want, depending on their availability. They have a minimum of 3 hairstyles to be able to move depending on the place of the event.​
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